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October 4th, 2004

My off day @ 05:45 pm

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An off day! God I was ready for one. I'm off today and tomorrow. Of course I'm sure I'll be good and bored in just a little while.

I slept late today, a rare occasion now that I work mornings. The house is full of people, hovering like vultures awaiting death. I'm trying to avoid it all. So far it's working but I'm sure it will become unavoidable when the final day arrives.

Not long after I awoke this morning Lelie's cousin brought me a biscuit from McDonald's. That was nice, I rarely get anything for breakfast these days. I talked to my mother and made plans for her to meet me at Affordable Tire where I was leaving my car to finally be worked on. On the way to the shop I went to my bank and had a very kind employee helpl me balance my account to the last penny. I have been overdrawn before and I do not intend to let it happen again. Afterward I was intending to go to Verizon and get myself a phone but found myself pressed for time. Once at Affordable I found that the mechanic I needed to see wasn't there, they seem to be very unreliable up there. So now I'm leaving my car there overnight, because I'm desperate to finally get the work done. My mother and I went to Rumors for lunch, always good. Then I roped her into going to Verizon with me.

At Verizon we skillfully avoided talking to the A-hole who helped me last time I went there. Instaed of a salesman we got a public relations person who did an exeptional job of explaining things to us. I wound up getting what I think is a really sweet picture phone for a hundred bucks instead of the cheapo thing I had planned on getting. My first bill is gonna be a mother fucker though, close to a hundred bucks. After that it's about $45 a month for nation wide service and 400 minutes, plus insurance. I figured I had better get the insurance since my job gets kinda rough sometimes. This thing has all kinds of gizmos I have no idea how to use yet, but I bet they'lll be fun once I do know how.

So now I'm stuck here in the newsroom at WSCC. I'm hoping my brother calls soon to tell me he's headed this way so we can pick up the car Leslie bought for parts.

I put in something like 48 hours this week. I've gotten overtime for the past three or four weeks in a row and Bob doesn't even care. These big pay checks are a welcome sight though. I'm finally starting to save some money it seems.

I'm planning to go to Tallahassee to see Leslie the weekend of the 30th. That means missing my grandfather's birthday but that's not too big of a deal. We're going to go to a Celtic festival which I'm kinda excited about.

Guess that's about it for now. Later folks.
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Date:October 4th, 2004 06:18 pm (UTC)
what he has a cell phone this can not be... Laterz


Everything You Never Wanted to Know & Nothing You Ever Wanted to Know