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January 22nd, 2005

Vacation I guess @ 03:09 am

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So, it's been a couple of weeks since I quite Advance. I thought Auto Zone was going to hire me days ago. The manager told me the job was mine once the background check and other such crap was official. When they never called back I assumed I failed one of their stupid(and I mean STUPID) pre-employment tests. I new I wasn't giving the answers they wanted but hell anybody who did would be lying. So anyhow, I finally get a call on my drive down here(I'm in FL), the manager says there was indeed a problem with my scores but that it didn't rule me out. I told him I figured that was the problem because I didn't lie on the test like the rest of them. He said it doesn't rule me out though and offered me a managment position at $6.50 an hour! I almost laughed at him, that's less than I was making as a part time salesman at Advance. I just told him I'd let him know on Monday.

I wasn't sitting idly back while waiting for the call though luckily. I went to NAPA, the place I'd really rather work in the first place, and told Shane, the owner/manager that Auto Zone had made me an offer but that I wanted to check with him one last time before I accepted because I'd rather work for him. He thought for a few seconds and asked me how much I'd need per week. I hadn't thought about it per week, so I grabbed his calculator and punched 8x40 and showed him the screen. To my surprise, he said that was about what he had in mind. He thought some more and said he'd like to have me and knew he could use me when business picks up in a few months but that he had a full crew right now. He thought a little more then told me he'd think on it and call by the end of the day.

About 6:00 that evening he called and asked if I'd be interested in doing outside sales. I asked him what exactly that was and it turned out to mean commercial sales as opposed to walk-in retail sales. Well, the last couple of weeks I was at Advance I was filling in for our commercial salesman and having a ball doing it. I told Shane I was interested even though I didn't have as much experience with commercial sales. He set me up to come in after closing the next day to meet his father who is part owner and still advises him somewhat.

It was an extremely quick interview. Mostly his dad just asked me personal questions like how old am I, am I married, stuff like that. Asked if I would mind working Saturdays(hell no I don't mind), if I would want them to provide insurance(don't care), and if I would mind driving my own car if they paid me mileage until they could get me a company vehicle(not a bit). Shane showed me how to use there computer program before I left, which was simple.

I'm excited about this job. It's really a better job than I should be able to get right now, but I think I'm capable of doing it well. I just hope they give me a chance to prove it to them. I had trouble getting to sleep that night, so I started making notes about the commercial accounts I know from working at Advance, trying to figure out how to take them away.

So, Still being unemployed, I decided to come visit Leslie in Tallahassee. While I'm here I get to put a new distributor in her car, a pretty delicate procedure but one I think I can handle.

Had tons of fun playing on a spoiler team at the Brainbowl tournament Leslie's college is hosting. We won 5 out of 6 so far and I get to do it again in a few hours. Sleep would be nice. I had forgotten how much fun this stuff is. I can't wait to get back in college and play for a team again. I miss my old team from Wallace, we had so much fun at practice and especially on the overnight trips. Good luck to everybody competing in the Moonpie Classic UT Chatanooga this weekend. I hope Andrew spreads the Legend of Michael and Andrew Lost in the Ghetto.

Until next time folks...
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Date:January 22nd, 2005 07:59 am (UTC)
Glad to here pieces are falling into place for you. Have a blast in Talle and tell Leslie hello for me. Miss you two.

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Date:January 22nd, 2005 12:20 pm (UTC)


im glad stuff seems to be working out for you. i miss scholars bowl too man. it sucks not getting to see all the gang and what not. i think andrew is wanting to get together next week. hell prolly give u a call. later man, matt
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Date:January 23rd, 2005 09:52 pm (UTC)

hey bud

That's awesome about the whole NAPA thing, and it's also awesome that you got to play on the spoiler team... Yeah, we were at UTC on Saturday, but it's the Sword Bowl, The Moon Pie isn't till May... I really miss the old days at Wallace too... Every time we go on a trip I can't help but think how much better it was back in the day at Wallace... Well anyway, Matt's right, I want to try and get everybody together next weekend, I'm gonna call kevin and Elizabeth tomorrow and then I'll give you and matt a call... Hopefully you'll both be here at least one day this week....
Well, take it easy bud and good luck on the NAPA thing.

-the white wolf
Date:October 31st, 2005 03:03 am (UTC)

a note from kaloha

You really don't update much... oh well i didn't want to read alot anyways.. j/k...
anywhoodle.. still sticking to opendiary not livejournal.. haha... maybe i should give in and just repost everything there.. maybe.. I dunno..
See you at the next bonfire,


Everything You Never Wanted to Know & Nothing You Ever Wanted to Know